Thursday, May 12, 2011


It’s been a while. My last blog post interestingly was two days before I started working. And this one is thanks to the fact that I am on a week-long chuma leave.

It is impossible to chronicle the activities of an entire almost-year. So just a couple of observations based on the wisdom I have gained.

College is just an experiment that is performed on you- it is not intended to, nor does it in any way, prepare you for anything to follow it. When you are sad, try singing out loud, top of your lungs types. It helps like nothing else. Working gives you a failing memory- and if yours was already failing, you’ll be amnesia-stricken soon enough. No seriously, you forget every damn thing- from the smallest chores to calling clients- it’s all just one long haze. Oh and time does fly- it gets divided in a peculiar fashion into hazes of weekdays and hazes of weekends. Nothing is indispensible- not even the hostel terrace- I am growing increasingly partial to the ledge of my window.

All in all, it has been an interesting almost-year. I have met many interesting new people, which I understand is not a common phenomenon. Better still, I actually like most of them. I have also started using corporate-lawyery phrases like “I understand…”. I understand now that a sense of calm will prevail eventually- it has to, being agitated is simply too exhausting. So many things have changed, it has been a tad difficult to keep track some times. I went through an I-hate-Bombay-back-to-loving-Bombay phase. I even wore toe rings in February. So yeah.