Wednesday, December 19, 2007

These Intoxicating Eyes

Ek sirf humhi mai ko
Aankhon se pilaatein hain....

(It's only I who can make people/you drink alcohol through the eyes)

Kehne ko to duniya mein
Mai-khaane hazaaron hain....

(For the sake of saying it, there are many establishments for alcohol in the world..)

Translation is murder. But this is for Divi, my louve. And my other conscious love, who first brought these brilliant lines to my attention, and seduced me with not just her eyes :)


Divya said...

I am very flattered :)

Anonymous said...

lovely choice of song.

are u a madhushala fan by any chance?

Anonymous said...

us may se nahi matlab dil jisse ho begaana..maqsood hun us may se dil hi mein jo uthhti hai..

maikade band kare lakh zammane wale
shahar mein kam nahi aankhon se pilane wale

Bhavya said...

What does "maqsood" mean?

Anonymous said...

it means to be lost in..i was considering supplementing those lines with translations but would have been too cruel..

I am lost in the wine that comes from within..