Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's HOT!!

Nah..nothing exciting in this post, despite the suggestive title.
It's so so so bloody hot!! Why doesn't someone do something? We really ought to have an AC. They cut off the ACs we have in the classrooms even, in the months we need them the most. And they shut down the comp lab, the only non-officed, air-conditioned place on campus.
And then they give us hostels which have flimsy wiring, and cannot support the load of ACs. Like seriously, when we want to buy it with our own money AND pay the excess electricity bill even, we can't!

Is this fair?! Hot airhas been blowing around me for the entire day. I feel like I'm trapped in a desert. My throat is parched and I sweat incessantly. Even my sleep is checkered with disturbing, heat-induced dreams.

I need an AC. Seriously!


barty said...

Arre - garmi go gaali deke bhaag kahan gayi aap? Itna time ho gaya, naya post nahin aaya...

Haha, pardon the hindi usage - the US tends to restrict how much I get to use it, so when I have the opportunity to, I usually do.

Anonymous said...

yaar... seriously.. now dont be a bore and post something..
whats interesting in bbay...?

Bhavya said...

@ barty- aah, that's a way of conveying you're in firang land, sure :) what you doing there?

@ anon- Kausheeek...tht you? yaar..bombay so far's only been work and eating out :(

barty said...

Doing - not a whole lot, other than maybe gaining weight... which is a good thing, mind you, I've been underweight since I was 10 :D. And - for the sake of saying it - the occasional bit of padhai/work.

The real question, though, is what are YOU doing, madamoiselle? You're in Bombay then (according to the above comments)... how's it been, being there? I read your post about it - how's it feel to be back in the city you wanted to get back to for so long?

Also, you once asked - I grew up in lokhandwala - been around there any time recently?

Bhavya said...

Well, believe it or not, I'm working. And I've seen very little of the city I was yearning to get back to, thanks to a very hectic work schedule :(
I was in Lokhandwala very briefly in Feb. Met up with some friends there.
But if feels good to be back in Bombay. Bombay is just Bombay yaa :)
What I meant was, what work/padhai?

Anonymous said...

ya its me..
ur so in love with me that u recognize even my anonymous comments.. too cool.. :-P

now heed to my request and post something new.. i'm tired of visiting ur same old page again and again..

barty said...

Work/padhai = Electrical Engineering... and when I say that, it has nothing to do with power or any of that, its the same as electronics in India. Right now I be working too - for a company that makes processors... we get free food twice a day and paid $30 an hour :D even as interns. Hehehehe :)

On the other hand though, you get to be in Bbay, which is worth more than all the money and food in the world to me, so drat! How I envy you... have an extra "Jumbo" vada pav for me.

Bhavya said...

Waah.. I describe my pain so dramatically!!