Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have been inspired (finally!) to blog. Guess it’s long overdue, but well, better late, eh? A lot of things have happened, as is bound to happen in over two months. But since I draw my inspiration from a blog post of someone, I shall blog on the same subject.

I gave my first job interview recently. On the 2nd of September, 2008. I can’t really say how it went, because I can’t judge from the questions that I was asked what they were looking for. I rambled, they listened. I think I was overly informal, cracked shady jokes (apparently Jimmy Choo is the reason I am interested in a major corporate deal..uggh, let me rephrase, I cracked shady non-jokes), and skipped over a lot of important things I think they ought to have been judging me on. But whatever, all of that is hardly the point. I accept that whatever has to happen will happen, and there’s not really much point worrying about it now. Well, okay, that’s a huge lie, but you get the point.

What was an emotion worth capturing was the feeling of having your first job interview. And believe me when I say this, it IS a very big deal. The nervousness and stuff is standard, and in any case, I am nervous about most things. But the gigantic-ness of the moment is what really hits you. The very first time you will talk to recruiters who will be assessing whether or not they wish to employ you. It’s a big step into career-dom. It’s an off feeling really, to give a job-interview at 20. Till the morning of the interview, I kept thinking it was rather surreal, that I was still too young to give a real job interview. And that something would come along and save me from this experience which would taint my, err, ‘not-yet-ready-for-job-ness’. Though I have been feeling this a lot lately, I suppose this was one the major occurrences in life which truly marks an end to one’s childhood. While the thought still fills me with a great deal of paranoia and unease, truth of the matter is, in a small way, it also gives me a kick. It’s a very grown-up feeling. And while I think of my childhood with more than teary-eyed nostalgia, I suppose this new thing will also be interesting.

So here’s to stepping into adulthood, and a step closer, to all that we spend our childhoods dreaming about, in actuality..


barty said...

A Belated Happy Birthday!

Also, congratulations on your first interview. I am sure you nailed it.