Friday, February 22, 2008

Something cool I read..

"Niceness is over-rated. It is how a man gets his way when he hasn't the guts to be tough or the class to be brilliant."

(FN: Shreya Aren's status msg on Gtalk..She doesn't remember where it is from)

Niceness= Mediocrity

There Is No Alternative (TINA). Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is..I ve been saying that for years now..

I see you are in a better mood now..good good

Wht's with the pretty anglo chick?

Divya said...

ah shucks..everyone calls me nice...

Anonymous said...

Ya same here. And I hate that description. :(


Bhavya said...

@ anon 1- Yeah..mood's fine. I told you na, I was introspecting more than anything else.
Hehe..I remembered an episode when Surd said he had thought you were one, cuz that's what all the guys thought when the entrance exam list was out :)

@Divi- You're nice. But not in the loserish, overrated way. Even I'm called that, and I don't think there can be any limit to our 'ratings' :)

@SH- why do you hate it?

Anonymous said...

yeah div u're nice but still cool..

Divya said...

thank you, whoever you are..though i think i have a pretty good idea :)