Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fifth Year. Wow! Some how, all through the last four years, I never really thought the day would come. I mean, it was somewhere far off in the distant future. But actually getting there never seemed a realistic possibility. I am just so bowled over now :D

(Of course, I still have to pass all four courses of this trimester. Sigh..)


Vinayak said...

I had to tell you that I had updated my blog and replied to your comment too, but could not think of a comment that would be relevant to your post. So, sorry for the spam...

Bhavya said...

No prob.. It was a spam-worthy post. But I guess a 'best of luck' for the 4 courses would be in order ;)

confused said...


I am much in awe of your blog.I am the kind who actually appreciates the fact of being a little,if not a lot, personal on a non-anonymous blog.Churning out thoughts which are real and truly affect you,both in substance and form,is consequential once it gets a little personal.

The comment however concerns something else.I am a fellow law student,stuck in one of the national law schools.After reading the entries hear,I felt and correct me if I am wrong,most of them project your thoughts on life in a law school.

I think you will understand when I say I have reached a dead end where nothing,absolutely nothing,seems to be working out.The more I try,the messier it gets.Also,law schools over burden you with too much trouble at a time, while you struggle to juggle.And this has been affecting me a lot these days.

So without further ado,I just wanted to ask,how to come out of the loop? I am really sorry to make your blog look more like a agony aunt section,but I have reached a state where I am looking up to anyone who could guide me a little.

Eagerly awaiting response.

PS:I see that you got a job.Congrats!

confused said...


Bhavya said...

@ confused: Hey!! Let me start off by saying I am really flattered and feel vindicated for whatever effort I have put in in writing this blog on seeing that it allows at least someone to connect with it. At the same time, I am rather shocked that after reading the posts (and yes, you are right.. most of them do concern law school directly or events that happen in it or on account of it (wow.. I do sound lawyerly, eh?)) you think I can give you guidance on how to get through it! But well, since I myself have often felt the need to reach out to someone in my 4years here, let me try my best in telling you what I did (or somewhat attempted to do).

Interestingly, law school presents one with some of the lowest lows one can hit. But after thinking about it carefully, I have pin-pointed two reasons for this. First, that the environment is unbearable competetive, and the competition is largely between people who are equals in almost every respect. Secondly, I think that spending almost all your time with law-schoolites for 5 years at a stretch puts you in this really strange position; it's like an atmosphere where every ill-feeling or fault of another or self is extremely aggravated to the mind, since we just keep running into and talking about and getting talked about by the same set of people. So.. solutions. This is one I have not been able to implement in my own case, but I think it will help incredibly if you are able to cultivate a social circle outside of law school for yourself. I know it's easier said than done, and I wasn't able to in four years, but try really, really hard to do this, cuz I think it'll make you look at law school in a less stressed out manner, and having contact with the outside world will give you a healthy perspective. As far as juggling activities and stress is concerned, I guess there is no way out really, cuz law school is that kinda place, and if you wanna finish with a good job etc. you've gotta go through the stress bit. But I guess what you can do is take regular breaks. Like, if you moot, after a stressful practice orals or something, go out for an entire day to town, eat out, chill, hang out with friends (would really help if they were non-law schoolites, but well, make do with what you have). And if possible, go out of town once or twice in an academic year.. generally to some place close to your city, with friends, for a weekend. I have observed that this usually helps me unwind.
The last, but I guess only suggestion I can give having tried it myself is that you should find someone to talk to and share everything about law school with. Someone you can simply rant to. In this case, I guess a law-school friend would make more sense, cuz they could relate better and rant back, so it's not some poor soul constantly being tormented by your whining without getting anything in return:)

Phew.. I do sound like an agony aunt. But to finish off, let me just say, it's hell for everyone, but it does get over. And you almost don't even notice how time flies when you reach the end, though I know that'll sound hard to believe. That's a LONG reply to your comment! So take care, and tell me how it goes.

PS: I was really glad to see the second comment with the correction; I have a shady habit of judging people by their grammar :D

Bhavya said...

Wow.. I sound preachy! In my experience, escaping by locking yourself in your room and watching random soaps or comedy shows also helps :)

confused said...


Thank you.It means a lot to see you replying back.And that too,so wonderfully.

I was almost about to delete my comment,fearing if it turns out to be really shady.

I agree about the stress bit, one hundred percent.Just that the multiplicity and versatility of the troubles bother me.But I guess,nothing can be done about that.

And as far as the other solutions are concerned,I will try my best to give that a shot too.As I said,any guidance would be of immense help.


Anup Bishnoi said...

hmm. law school. nice.
i might need a lawyer someday.
or night.
lets fix up for saturday then?
i use protection.

law school to sex in 5 sentences. i must be hungry.

Bhavya said...

Er.. not to mention horny! Who are you?

Bhavya said...

Oh and you don't allow comments on your own blog? Shady!
Nice post on Bombay by the way. I guess only a post on Bombay could make me communicate with you after your strange and distasteful comment on my blog!

Anup Bishnoi said...

ok so that really was horny. agreed.
just a thing of the moment i'd say, but felt so damn funny while writing it.
anyway sorry if that tarnishes your blog or something. but whatever, the comment did have a kind of perfection to it :P

and yeah, i am so in love with bombay right now.
leaving for delhi tomorrow.
these were the days man, these were the days

Bhavya said...

Very smooth. But yeah, really shady manner of having a conversation. Shall delete.