Thursday, July 2, 2009

My 21 Random Things

There you go, Anwesh. I am tempted to write more than 21, but am sticking to figure for now.

1. I am very often very preoccupied, and listen to less than half of what the person talking to me is saying.

2. I usually multitask decently, but when it comes to texting, I CANNOT do anything (even listen to someone talking to me) while texting.

3. I spend a lot of time thinking about very random, small issues, which are entirely disconnected from me or anything about my life.

4. I like rain. A lot. At any time, falling with whatever intensity. I feel like it cleanses my soul.

5. I know I am arrogant. And I am not sure I am not happy with that.

6. This will sound funny, and not entirely consistent with my current attitude towards academic s, but I genuinely enjoy learning. I love the feeling of learning something new, grasping new concepts and applying them or understanding how they apply. Whenever I learn something new, and understand something about something I have observed in the past, I feel like there were previously clouds above my eyebrows and they have parted. I feel this literally.

7. I have a very short attention span and find most things uninteresting.

8. I talk a lot. A LOT. It’s just a question of me opening up.

9. I can whine about almost anything in the world.

10. I think regular headaches are the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Try going to sleep and waking up with a headache almost every day.

11. I want the guy I will marry to propose to me with a ring from Tiffany’s. Materialistic, I know, but I want this.

12. Cheese-cakes, apple pies and chicken (most forms and preparations) are my favourite eating things in the world.

13. I really, truly enjoy music. I can almost feel my heart ache when I hear something very beautiful.

14. I actually like the law. There are many interpretations of this, so I wont really try to explain what I mean.

15. I want to, some day, own a big white house, with a winding drive way that leads to, and with a big garden in front of it.

16. This is something I learnt about myself recently, but I really like pretty things. Be it clothes, watches, bags, shoes.. I can feel an actual craving to possess sometimes.

17. I am very impatient.

18. I read almost anything. I can pick a shampoo bottle when I am in the loo and read its contents. I can be waiting for a flight and read all the rules and regulations of the carrier printed on the ticket.

19. Although I use them, I don’t like low cost carriers at all. I think they’ve ruined the experience of flying forever.

20. I tremendously enjoy watching TV shows. I have spent up to 12 hours watching TV shows back-to-back, without even taking a break to eat. I can watch TV shows on almost anything.

21. I worry a lot. About things important and irrelevant.