Sunday, November 15, 2009

"So they can say you are high maintainence but it's okay because.. I like maintaining you"
- Chandler to Monica, Friends, Season 6

Of all the love stories in Friends, I have always thought the Monica-Chandler pairing was the most adorable. It's low key, especially compared to Rachel and Ross. It is not a high-pressure, meant-to-be thing, but just flows so naturally, after Season 5, it is difficult to picture them apart. I think it's beautifully developed, not rushed, and just fits. The little things they do for each other, the compromises they make and how the bond between them deepens makes me go 'aaw' every time.


barty said...

Just thought I'd let you know someone stops by once in a while to see what you write.

Please generate new material. Thanks.

Bhavya said...

Hehe.. thanks. I will. Have had some ideas for a while but been very lazy.

Till then, lemme tell you; this particular blog post has deeper implications than it does on first reading. I actually think I am very high maintenance and hence like this line from 'Friends' a lot.

barty said...

It's interesting that you said that.

Watch the movie "Up in the Air" when you can, I feel like you'd enjoy it.

Finally, a somewhat late Merry Christmas and somewhat early Happy New Year.

Listen to more than a minute of this before judging it:

Amber said...

You spell 'aww' as 'aaw' all the time.

Bhavya said...

Cuz that's how it is spelt!

BlueRoses said...

I think it is 'aww' and 'aaw'. :P