Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A long-standing tradition in my law school life around this time of the academic year/trimester has been to impulsively decide, 2-3 days before exams begin, to go to town for dinner. I would dress up hastily and prettily, we'd decide on a dinner place and run off. My roommates would watch, initially bewildered, later resigned, and even later expecting this random pre-exam ritual of mine. Everyone I'd run into on the way would throw me quizzical looks, ask me scathing questions or roll eyes when I told them I was off to town because I was bored, and no, I hadn't started studying.

Today is one of those days again, when I have a paper in 3 days, and when I really feel like jumping out of bed, donning pretty clothes, shedding all worries and whizzing off to town for a nice meal and conversation, where everything about exams is forgotten; a trip that refreshes you entirely and is thoroughly enjoyable (not like I would come back and study, but it just made me feel very happy and comfortable). The thrill is not just of looking pretty and eating good food, but of being so nonchalant and uncaring with respect to exams; the sheer freedom to do what I want, when I want, of spending time, no matter how dangerously close to a deadline or an exam, with who I want and however I want to. Ah well...