Saturday, January 6, 2007

Oh Exam Time!

It's that time of the year (actually month, in law school- we have exams all the bloody time it seems) when you stop going on romantic dinner dates (err..not really), stop watching movies (at least feel guilty while watching them), and sit in the room quietly and study (all right, ALL RIGHT).
Well, actually it's that time when you genuinely stop doing everything because you are supposed to study, and study even less than you ever did before, but feel guilty and keep saying that you have to study.
All said and done, even though I don't study when it's exam time, I feel really, really burdened by it all. I grow grumpy, fight with everyone, eat a lot, sleep more than ever, keep saying I'm sleepy, bored or ill and do no work. It's that time when when I'd kill to sleep an extra hour (which, by the way, I always do) and keep whining about it. It's that time when I'm very close to tears all the time, and have lost complete track of whether the padhai situation is even redeemable from the pits it has fallen into. It's perennial tea time, and the time you break into hysterical laughs without the remotest idea as to why you're even amused (cracking up, as we call it). A time when you stop looking pretty with lenses, and don fat glasses. It's the time when precious moments between 11.45 and 12.30 are awaited to let go during cool nocturnal walks. But yeah, also a time when you actually spend some time in the room. Incidentally, the time when I have ended up having several intense, long and interesting conversations with my room mates. All of them concluding with 'we'll continue talking about this after the papers'. Of course, that never happens. Come the last exam, and all conversational commitments are forgotten.

All in all, it's quite a time. Sigh.


Ashi said...

its that time of the year when i spend all the time on my uncomfortable chair and blog even more furiously than before. i know how it feels especially since i am a part of those conversations and more importantly witness(i refuse to use audience) to your ahem.. let that bit rest
study you have to go for a date tonight

RaVeN said...

well said...

Goel said...

In any case, you don't need to worry lady. We're studying together for Consti remember.. And when you are allying with me for Consti, need you worry?
Lovely pic by the way

Steamroller said...

sheeeesh whatadeadduck :O :D