Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tequila Sunrise..

I had sworn to start a blog when we did this. Pondicherry. 2006. 25th December. Tequila in fancy pub- Rs.250. Tequila in fancy bottle from not so fancy shop= Rs.100. The decision was made.

The glass of the bottle was really thick. Something noone realized. So 2 shots per person for the six of us. Flicked lemons from a fancy restaurant (tourist guide said it was the fanciest in Pondi). AND salt. Lots of it, wrapped in a napkin. Hid it with Pooja's 6600 when the waiter walked in (Sigh..a moment's silence for my faithful old phone). Loaded with lemons (which Gupta has with his pasta..yummy), and salt. Venue shift.

Pretty hotel room. We move away the clothes in a hurry, making the room man-able. Beds cleared up. The men stride in. The precious bottle on the bed post. 5 wine glasses and 1 paper glass, ready on the table. An expert bar tender, who tells us we'll 'need' the lemons after our drink. Preempting hormonal disbalance, I request for two lemons (what if I swallow the first one?). Divi the lemon cutter, and salt putter. 'But people want the salt'. Tequila is poured. We lift our glasses. The smell makes me want to puke.

Anyway, night suits and stylish shots. One, two, three..giggle. Once again: one, two, three..wait, wait, my lemon isn't in position. An angry bar-tender..'On 'GO', you DRINK'. Yes Sir.One, two, three...swoosh. Blughh..It sucked. Lunge at the lemon (weren't we supposed to need it). Too much salt on mine. A hurt Divi ('People DO want the salt'). The lemon's not bad after the drink. Aishwarya likes the salt. Divi gives me a triumphant look. Gupta eats the lemon and his words ('I didn't say 'need', I said 'want'. Please.). Amber and Aishwarya loved it. Pooja and I were gonna puke. Rishabh and Divi were awaiting the familiar buzz. Take two.

The second shot is down. Still nothing. We lie down, waiting. Still nothing. Those bloody movies lied. We ate too much. Whatever can 60 ml of alcohol do to you. Give me a break. Pooja is a good girl. Gupta is a sleepy boy. Hedge is the photographer. Divi is still waiting. Aishwarya and Amber move to greeener pastures and 'pitches'. I wait for the taste to leave me mouth.

We savour the moment..We're so cool..


pooja.ananth said...

i really cracked up while reading this.... truly astounding....

i wanna go back to Pondi.... :D

oh bhav this meticulous entry of our tequila experience reminds me of how well i conducted myself at SPARKZ after i drank VODKA the first time!!!

[ on the floor... rolling wid laughter... actually giggling ;)]

Dum Spiro, Spero. said...

The best holiday ever! I've never had so much fun just horsing around.... we didn't bother with the tourist places (i've photoshottep myself in a pic of the ashram...for the folks), shopping was a last minute pit stop...the agenda was food and the beaches. Not to mention the drink!

The tequila was a brillaint experience. What with all the post DTPH hype, I thought we'd be out cold by the second. No such luck.
Though for the record, i said "want". Some people just dont listen! ;)


Haaaahaaaha .. this one is funny! IALMBO. Btw, tequila is very potent and very slow - one normally misjudges the potency after the first couple of shots and goes for more ... oopsie ... :-D Though I wasn't around, reading your narrative, it feels like I was there as the invisble man watching the entire thing - thats amazing story telling ability you have. Cheers!

Bhavya said...

thanks :-)

Bhavya said...

I too wanna go. Let's go to Pondi again yaaa