Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home Chweet Home!

It's been better than usual this time. It's a rare event that you get home and don't get to hear about this that or the other that you've done wrong. I don't mean to sound like a fussy, parent-bashing adolescent (am I still one, by the way? Am 19..don't remember honestly, from bio class, till what age the ickiness phase continues). Home's good. So bloody good. Comforts manifold. Sigh.
No washing clothes yourself (all right..I don't do much of that in hostel either, but at least you have to keep a count on the number of clothes you've given to the dhoban) any time you want. And GOOD food. Television..lots of it..aah. It's shocking how appealing random Hindi movies seem, when away from the television (for instance, am watching some Salman Khan genre right now..complete with Sushmita in sexy orange and rain down their jisms). There's Phamily and phamily jokes. And little brother, though no longer pesky (when did he grow up and out of the peskiness, WHEN?). And dinner on the table, whatever time you want. With clean cutlery. Cling cling. Hehe..seems weird sometimes. It's funny how I didn't get used to comforts when I stayed home for a good 17 years, and grew out of them in a hurry, in a year and a half. Importantly, there's little Marcus (who is a year old now..and so big, but a baby at heart! For those who don't know, he's my baby German Shephard. Dog.)
Tea and chocolates galore, comfy beds and no sleep restrictions. No dirty room and 501 tensions on dimaag (the number for shubhness value). Ek dum aaram. What a life. Makes me wonder as to why I ever de-comforted myself from all this, for 9 months a year(that's the number of months I have college, dear). To give your kids the same comforts, silly. Please..I'm gonna marry rich. Badaa naam kamane (to earn a big name;-)) That just makes the spelling more complicated. Why, then? Law for social service. Ummmmm.. To be remembered? Hmm. Yeah. (Nods proudly). That's it. Discomforts to be remembered (not by the warden, but by people after I become super-lawyer)., fame, but most of all to be a memory. That's why the struggle..err, I think.
I forgot to mention the ironed sleeping clothes you're encountered with at home..aah..Home Chweet Home!


Ashi said...

ah home sweet home

My ancestors came from Hegde, Kumta Taluk, Karwar Zilla, Karnataka said...

I couldn't help observing that however different our specific experiences of back-at-home experiences might be, the senti factor is eerily similar for most of us. I wonder what I will do once I have totally moved out of home sweet home. I thought we like home because that is the major source of security (financial, emotional, if you are that way inclined spiritual etc...)

What after we move out of home, after we Kamao our Badaa naams where are we going to go then... for these insane chilling out sprees...