Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Why Law?

I MUST write more regularly.

I love holidays. Wish they weren't over. All good things come to an end WAY too quickly. That's rather cliched I know, but then cliches often have more truth than all else.

I remember being asked the question 'Why Law?' very often in the past. Some queries were rather skeptical, others disappointed, and some (surprisingly) interested. The answer to the question, like most answers has undergone tremendous fine tuning and sometimes even not-so-fine tuning. The latest one:
You know, sometimes, you have a question. Could be a question about anything. Procedure to do something, get something, give something; about whether or not you can do something; whether or not you should or shouldn't do something- basically about most somethings and everything in life. And once you cross the barrier of having a question, sometimes, you start looking for an answer. Here and there; researching. Then, if you're very tenacious, you start finding answers. Could be wrong ones, could be inappropriate ones. Could be google searches which have the keyword you entered just for the heck of it. Could be chapters in books with a title that exactly coincides with your query, and which turns out to be utterly tangent in substance, making you wonder what on earth the author was thinking. Could be round-about searches or precisely incorrect ones. And then, finally, after much labour and sweat and coffee, you find it. THAT one answer. Which is the exact answer. For example, if you're looking for the scope of jurisdiction of decrees in foreign courts, you hit S.41(A) of the CPC, with all the details and notified countries. It fits perfectly. The answer may ruin you, may be against everything you had prayed for, may mean that you have to start working on the problem from scratch. But that feeling of having found the perfect-fit, the specific key to your question. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes it worth it. It's pure, utter bliss if there ever was such a thing. It makes you float and want to dance right there in your cublicle or whereever you happen to be. It makes you want to kiss the first person who crosses. And Law seems to be teaching me to ask and answer (sometimes) questions. To answer questions about life and what you can do- that is why law.


Scarlett said...

Thanks for visitin.
Yes, you really must write more. :)

I blog incognito.

Divya said...

I might be killed for this,but..accounts does the same thing..sigh...sorry, am in a very anti-law mood at the moment..