Friday, March 16, 2007

Ramblings and Tangings

What is it that is bothering everyone? It almost seems like a bug which has found a way to everyone. I cannot see a happy face around me. Everyone's dutifully pretending. But it is painfully obvious that noone's fooling anyone. We're all asking each other what is wrong, everyone trying to solve the other's problem without making much reference to his or her own. Life's stretching along, but honesty seems to be fading away. Honesty to ourself. People who're usually 'ok' seem to be the worst of. Makes me wonder about what this all-encompassing factor could possibly be, which is effectively bringing all of us down. Sometimes I just wish it all away. Wish away whatever it is that has attacked us collectively. Wish for those times (which, at that time, of course, seemed quite awful) when we our cheerfulness was pretty much genuine. When there wasn't a weight tugging at you all the time. Not like that's happening, but well, I hope the phase passes.
Everything just seems to hollow. Put on. So Hollow.