Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Rhett Butler Finishing School

If you've read Gone With the Wind and are female, you're in love with Rhett Butler. If you've
read it and are male, you want to be like him. All in all, he's quite the ideal man, for most people. In an idle moment, just like all those in which great ideas greet our intellect, Aishwarya and I came up with the idea of starting a Rhett Butler Finishing School. This was after one of our usual conversations about how we needed men like Rhett Butler around. With his stunning passion, his style, his show of detachment despite his immense commitment, his wonderfully caring attitude when the lady needs it, his protectiveness, his nonchalance, and manliness mixed in just the right quantity with weakness and emotion.

We always seek salvation, when engrossed in one such whining session about how men like Rhett aren't anywhere near us by saying that if Margaret Mitchell has written about him, he couldn't possibly be only a figment of her imagination and purely fictitious. She must've had someone to inspire her to formulate such an ideal which carried universal appeal. But in this particular idle moment, we decided that the time had come when we take things into our own hands, and that we had let destiny fool around long enough. And even if we couldn't find a Rhett for ourselves, it was a moral duty on us to not allow every forthcoming generation of women to lament that Rhett's fantasy. So the idea of starting the Finishing School.

It's a vague plot as of now. Trainers will be appointed to train young men to be like Rhett. Why we can find trainers for this purpose is because it's fairly simple to find a man who excels in one aspect or the other, be it passion, or grooming, or style. Problem is, finding a man who has all these, and who isn't committed. So, men in this school will be trained separately in all these qualities. And since we'll be training a large number of men, the chances of finding an uncommitted perfect man will be easier for the many lovely ladies in the world. The funding will be done mainly through our pay-packets during a lifetime, and if we die without family, we'll give our wealth to the school. Else, a substantial portion will be willed to it. Once we've produced several batches of perfect men, we're quite sure the lucky women will make generous donations. Any donations towards the capital is currently more than welcome. As are any concrete ideas on what shall be taught in the school, and better still, if there is anyone in your mind who you think would make an apt trainer. So ladies and gentlemen, help us help you (or your daughters) and the world, by making better men, by making Rhetts.



Sorry for commenting so late; albeit I am glad that I am the first. Why would you want people to change, and worse still, be what they are not? I mean you are talking about an assembly plant, like in cars. Each and every finished product would be similar. I think the best thing that life has to offer are the differences, subtle at times and not so subtle, between two individuals. Thats what makes interacting with humans so fascinating.

Much as you are entitled to an opinion, so am I .. :-D

Jian said...

Hmm. To be like Rhett Butler? Let me think. Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn. ;-)

Bhavya said...

Sigh..yeah Jian, that's the problem..if men did, we'd probably not need the school:-)

Me, moi, myself: I think change to become goodlooking, caring, passionate individuals is welcome;-) Probably have a school cuz by trial and error, we'd probably succeed in producing the 'one, perfect' man, namely (according to me) a walking-talking to rhett. But on a serious note, I agree with your versatility point- it's great fun meeting all types. Do I know you, by the way? Your name isn't giving much away:-)


Just checked ur blog again when I saw ur message: sorry! Nope, I don't think we know each other. Besides, if u my blogs I think u will learn a lot more abt me .. cheers!

indiegurl said...

Is the Aishwarya the one spelled Iswarya?

Oh and - I personally think Rhett Butlers are born, not made.. :)

So much for optimism.

Bhavya said...

Nope..she spells it Aishwarya.

I completely agree..Rhetts are natural. But we've got to do our bit to save the world. Sigh..