Sunday, June 24, 2007

Zup Zup zUp

I'm really bored. Am in law school..for stupid exams. It's really sad studying for 60 marks papers. I didn't think law school could get any more depressing..but trust me, it happens to be at its worst when you're not in the hostel, with friends, and see random people crawling all over the place. Feeling really lonely, and well, it's not just because of the lack of physical presence of people around me.

But before I turn this into a whiny blog where I cry my stupid heart out, I'll write some thing nice. Something nice..nice nice nice..blah. Nothing as of now. There's nothing that isn't upsetting me and making me feel uneasy (that funny feeling in the stomach..dunno what I'm nervous about!)

Has anyone paid careful attention to the song 'Chhod aaye hum' from's got this lovely line- 'Ek chhota sa lamha hai, jo khatm nahi hota..main laakh manaata hun, yeh bhasm nahi hota'. Very heavy, but dunno why I've been reflecting a lot on it of late.

Came across this picture of the Madhurai temple..Really liked it for some reason. Kind of evoked something in it is.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of losing the alliteration in your blog name, you should replace tequila with whine!

Bhavya said...'ve provided and equally eloquent pun to substitute it..will give it serious consideration and put it to vote before the board of directors..thank you:-)

Anamika said...

law school. U too. rnt there too many of us thrown around?

oliver said...

very nice picture. where did you find it? or did you take?

Bhavya said...

@anamika- absolutely..they shouldn't allow law schoolites to start blogs now!

@Oliver- Friend of mine sent me several pics of the Madhurai temple..this one struck a chord.