Friday, April 3, 2009

In my head!

After a considerable amount of time, I have had a song stuck in my head for quite a while. This one is the 'Paayaliya' song from Dev D. I think the music is brilliant, the lyrics aren't anything great, but the entire package put together is simple fascinating. I especially like the part at the start of the song where the guy says 'By God'.. I think it's incredibly cool in a wannabe-wannabe sort of way (in that you're wanting to be wannabe.. if you know what I mean). I also like the part, somewhere in the middle of the song, where she says 'Paayaliya chan chan chan chan shor kare mohe piya ghar jaun', stressing the two italicized words, depicting desperation as well as irritation at not being there after all the time the song has gone on for (being at the piya's ghar, i.e.).

Uggh..sounds highly confusing, but if you get what I mean, well you simply get it, I guess :)